Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool for School

Check out Cosmeo!!  Cosmeo is powered by Discovery Channel and is a kid friendly safe website that is a great online homework help for students.   Cosmeo is a host to 30,000 educational videos, 40,000 math tutorials, 20,000 images, 150,000 reference articles, 10,000 interactive games, dictionary, biographies, and reference materials  organized  by grade level and mapped to state standards.  The goal of this site it to get student interested and excited about learning not only in the classroom but after classroom hours as well.  Cosmeo wants students to get their homework done fast, efficiently and be fun too. 
                As a future teacher I see many options in using this tool in my future classroom.  Numerous videos in all subjects and all grade levels provide an endless amount of opportunities.  I foresee Cosmeo being used when I’m  introducing a new concept or for reinforcement for assignments and homework.  This would be a great resource for all teachers!