Monday, February 20, 2012

First Impression: Twitter

Before taking SEDU 183 I never had a Twitter account and to be honest, Twitter seemed rather confusing for me at first. The concept of following people and having followers was totally foreign coming from someone who had Facebook. I always assumed that these online networks for the “social” part of my life, but after getting my “feet wet” I was able to see the potential Twitter can offer me as a future teacher and current student. As a student preparing to be a teacher, Twitter can be a good resource for me to connect and share ideas with other current/future educators. This ability to connect with people in my field also offers me advantages when I am a certified teacher too. Not only will I be able to associate with those that share my same passions and interests but also to connect with the parents of my students. I can see using Twitter as a tool to keep the parents updated on current announcements, field trips, and just the everyday learning that takes place in the classroom. Twitter can offer numerous possibilities if I am just willing to give it a chance.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your viewpoint on what Twitter could be potentially good for, :To be connected to other teachers and stimulate planning an organizing. (Kinda added that...But that's how I took it.) Thank you.