Monday, February 6, 2012

Our knowledge is only limited by our eagerness to search it out

            A powerful statement in the book Personal Learning Networks states, “…if we have access to the internet, we now have two billion potential teachers…” After contemplating the contents of chapter one it caused me to view PLNs in a whole new light.   As far as technology goes my experience and use is rather limited.  I have always been a person to shy away from using technology mostly because I lacked the knowledge of how to use it
            The concept of having insight from two billion teachers is extraordinary; affording enormous opportunities to students as well as teachers.  This allows the teacher the opportunity to fully engage the student in their education.  Subjects such as geography will come to life to the students making learning more exciting.   With the advancing technology, students who are unable to physically travel around the globe can experience places and their culture at any time.    
            Students eager about gaining knowledge become learners; they search out new ideas and think critically.  As stated by Stephen Downes, “…education is something we create for ourselves.”  The learning process is ongoing and relies on our capability and desire to expand our knowledge.  Information in textbooks is limited and becomes outdated relatively soon after printing but with the digital age new data can be discovered and updated.  Therefore our knowledge is only limited by our eagerness to search it out.


  1. I agree I did not like technology at first but now I am growing on it.

  2. I really like the quoets that you used, I think that your ideas about how the progressive use of technology in the classroom is going to lead to a very interactive classroom, once you grow more used to using it that is :D

  3. I agree with the endless possibilities the part about outsourcing teachers is definitely eye opening though! I dont want to be outsourced by a computer though teaching is important! Good post though :)

  4. I think you chose a very powerful quote from the text! Teachers can try to avoid technology, but it is only going to hurt the educator and the students in the classroom. It is important to note all of the great resources available through the advances in technology. In reality, everyone is coming to rely more and more on the internet and resources. As future educators, we need to be willing to learn every day because teaching is an ongoing process of learning. Great Post :]