Thursday, April 26, 2012

I believe...

“This I believe” was one of the final projects in SEDU 183.  The assignment was to create a “visual essay” supporting our belief statement about education.   At first I was a little unsure and apprehensive about this assignment.  However, when I broke it down into manageable steps, I succeeded in creating a visual essay that reinforced my statement, “I believe the passion to teach is something you were born with.”  I experimented with several different tools including Garageband, iMovie, and Windows Live Movie Maker before deciding which tools I wanted to use.  My plan of action was first to record my voice and then visually represent my essay.  I decided to use Garageband to record my voice and then Windows Live Movie Maker to finish my visual essay.  I encountered some difficulties along the way, although overall this project was rewarding in many ways.  The greatest difficulty was learning how to use the new programs, but in the end I increased my knowledge in the use of these programs.  This assignment also helped me to discover the many experiences in my life that brought me to Edinboro University.  I do not foresee using video very often in my future classroom unless the production becomes more seamless.  I feel the process is too time-consuming, although I would consider using video for a large project or unit project.

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